Date: 30/09/19

Natural Capital Partners is looking for an experienced marketing professional to join its team as it continues to grow and expand its products and solutions globally. We are offering a unique opportunity for the right candidate to work with us on the creation of a new tone and message for the business, bringing their consumer marketing experience to a business marketing environment.

The time is now for business to step up and take action on climate, closing the gap between government commitments and the requirement to keep below 1.5 degrees. We deliver the solutions which enable companies to deliver immediate positive impact on the climate, working with clients including Microsoft, PwC, Interface, Intuit and H&M to meet emission reduction and renewable energy targets, build resilience in their supply chains and demonstrate their commitment to climate action. Through our comprehensive network of projects around the world including forest conservation and creation, solar and wind energy, efficient cookstoves and clean water provision, the programs we create for our clients deliver emission reductions, renewable energy infrastructure and low carbon sustainable development.

Based in the US, the ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate that they have the following core skills:

  • Creativity – the ability to come up with new ideas that will bring life and personality to our messages and marketing – engaging and inspiring businesses and building sales
  • Business sense – understanding the goals of the company and how to prioritize and focus to deliver the greatest value
  • Results driven – committed to measuring and evaluating the success of programs against agreed goals
  • Communications – a proven, confident, articulate communicator both written and verbal

The role is part of the global marketing team and will be responsible for launching new products and building the on-going ‘drumbeat’ of communications for some of our existing products and solutions, working closely with the sales and product development teams. This will include writing content, using social media, creating campaigns, working with partners, and putting together events and presentations. The role will also include work on overall messaging and positioning of the business and building our brand globally.

Natural Capital Partners ( has been working with clients to combine business success with positive impact on the environment and society for the last 22 years. Through collaboration with global project partners, the development of innovative solutions, and understanding the specific goals of our clients, we deliver a broad range of products and services for carbon emissions, renewable energy, water stewardship and biodiversity conservation in direct operations, consumer markets and supply chains. 

To be considered for the role you must have a Bachelors Degree and the legal ability to work in the U.S. (i.e. national or holder of work permit required).

Please supply a resume that outlines your marketing experience and achievements over at least 10 years to