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Nature Based Solutions Technical Manager, Latin America

Date: 09 March 2022

Contract type: 12 month contractor agreement

Location: ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners have a global presence spanning UK (Oxford and London), US (multiple locations), Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and France. For this role flexible working in any Latin America location can be discussed for the right candidate.

Reporting to: Managing Director for Latin America



The role is focused on carbon project development of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) projects internationally under recognised voluntary carbon standards. NBS is an increasingly important part of our business and we are expanding our technical project development capability as client demand for NBS projects grows.

You will work closely with experienced NBS Commercial Managers and Portfolio Management colleagues, supporting the origination and screening of project development opportunities You will lead the due diligence of projects (from early development through to post-issuance stages) and lead on Carbon Asset Development through to validation, verification and ultimately issuance of high integrity carbon credits from international projects with credible partners.

Reporting into the Managing Director for Latin America and the Director of Nature Based Solutions, you will be at the centre of accelerating the growth of ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners’ NBS project development portfolio, building on our award-winning reputation as a voluntary carbon project developer.


  • Support origination and screening of project development; help set the criteria for what ‘good’ looks like
  • Lead the due diligence of both NBS project development opportunities and operating projects from which ClimateCare is sourcing VCUs, including site visits where necessary.
  • Support negotiations with project proponents, in particularly contributing to understanding and mitigation of project risk.
  • Lead carbon asset development for projects, working closely with local partners, from Project Design Documentation through validation to verification and issuance.
  • Ongoing oversight of operational projects to ensure performance, delivery and reporting.
  • Keep up to date with changes in voluntary carbon standards (including emerging jurisdictional standards) and inform ClimateCare’s approach to managing risk and securing optionality as standards and international policies (e.g. the implementation of the Paris agreement) continue to evolve.


  • 5-10 years’ experience in NBS project development or related roles preferred.
  • A degree in a relevant field such as forestry, ecology, biological conservation or environmental management is preferable but not essential.
  • Proven experience in preparing Project Design Documents for VCS/CCB, Gold Standard and potentially other recognised standards, through to validation, monitoring and verification.
  • Knowledgeable about key elements of the carbon development process such as baselining, field data collection and analysis, GIS, calculation of carbon benefits, forest and biomass inventories, biodiversity mapping and community engagement.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience in multiple NBS pathways and protocols (e.g. avoidance and removals) and an understanding of performance and delivery risks.
  • Experience working with local partners, with an understanding of the on-the-ground challenges and realities of project and carbon delivery.
  • A strong network in carbon project development; able to engage other technical specialists and manage specialist input as needed.


  • Is prepared to challenge project partners constructively to ensure that project design assumptions are credible and robust.
  • Has a strong attention to detail and able to identify what is most important to address; has a proven understanding of project risks and how these impact commercial discussions.
  • Can manage competing priorities and is respectful of others’ time in a busy organisation
  • Sets high standards for ethical behaviour.
  • Language skills (English, Portuguese and Spanish) would be an asset.
  • Able to travel internationally to project sites.


ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners are dedicated to tackling climate change and improving lives. It aims to make our world a climate neutral one – where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint. ​

ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners help organisations take responsibility for their climate impact by financing, developing and managing carbon reduction projects across the world. We helped create the voluntary carbon market and pioneered carbon finance for community development projects and are delivering some of the largest carbon offsetting programmes in the world. We work with over 500 clients and over 600 projects around the world.

Leading organisations and governments trust ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners to solve complex climate and sustainability issues. With ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners by their side, they can be confident on their journey to Net Zero.​ Since 1997, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners and its partners have cut almost 150 million tonnes of CO₂ and improved quality of life for more than 46 million people around the world.

As an award-winning profit with purpose Certified B Corporation, ClimateCare is recognised as setting the highest standards. Values and integrity are at the heart of all we do – just as they have been since it was founded in 1997. These values are underpinned by strong environmental credentials, a commercial focus on risk management and a proud record of delivering outstanding results for clients.​ ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners have ambitious plans to double its impact and scale. This is supported by new growth minded investors. We are looking to build our team with exceptional leaders who are excited and driven to shape and deliver this ambition.

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