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We harness the power of business to create a more sustainable world. We have more than 20 years' experience as specialists in working on climate finance and carbon neutrality solutions.


We work with more than 300 clients in 34 countries, working across all sectors and industries to meet each client's unique sustainability goals. See some examples of our work:


To us, being a good advisor and a good solutions provider are one and the same. We offer:


We know you can't wait. Climate finance reduces emissions today:

Browse our project map, read about our criteria and quality, view how projects meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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We are transformation drivers

Impact creators

Progress originators

We harness the power of business to create a more sustainable world

We've been doing this for a while

Here's a short history of what we've learned along the way

Harnessing the power of business to create a more sustainable world

For more than 20 years we have specialised in working with companies to achieve ambitious climate action targets, through solutions of the highest quality which make an immediate impact, drive the global transformation to a net zero economy while supporting good health and livelihoods for all and a thriving planet.

It starts with the ingenuity to change minds and attitudes

We began in 1997 as Future Forests, pioneering the concept of offsetting emissions through tree planting. In 2002 we launched The CarbonNeutral Protocol, one of the most recognised and credible frameworks for making carbon neutral claims of the highest quality. We then changed our name to The CarbonNeutral Company.

The world is changing and we're helping to change it

But climate change is only one part of the greater challenge in establishing a sustainable, equitable future and a thriving planet. The connections between climate, biodiversity, economic empowerment, social justice and global sustainable development are only becoming stronger. The importance of those links led us to relaunch our brand as Natural Capital Partners in 2015.

You can add value with values

Since 1997 we have championed the role of business in meeting our global climate and sustainable development goals and led the way in establishing the standards for quality and credibility in our industry. In 2009, we co-founded the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), the leading industry body in carbon offsetting, and established its Code of Best Practice. We are honoured to have been recognised by our peers and partners as the Environmental Finance Best Offset Retailer for the last 10 years.

Making real change possible with the vast resources only business can provide

We sit on advisory boards for the Carbon Standards, and the board of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). We participate in working groups for initiatives such as EDF's ‘Mobilizing the Voluntary Carbon Market’ and the Mark Carney-led ‘Taskforce on Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market’. To ensure that our approaches are aligned, we are in regular dialogue with key partners such as WWF, Science-Based Targets Initiative and CDP.

Building on our foundations, we continue to drive innovative solutions in climate finance, enabling our clients to achieve corporate climate action at scale.

You can be in the business of bettering the world. If you ask us, it’s only natural.

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