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Argus Biofuels & Carbon Markets Summit

21 October 2019 |

Natural Capital Partners’ Vice President, Global Markets, Arjun Patney, will be speaking at the Argus Biofuels & Carbon Markets Summit, which will be held in Napa Valley, California from the 21st to 23rd October 2019. Attend to hear the latest on carbon markets, offsetting practices and standards, renewable energy, and how businesses can optimize portfolios of carbon finance projects to achieve carbon neutrality.

Argus Biofuels & Carbon Markets Summit

The Argus Biofuels & Carbon Markets Summit is known as North America’s leading biofuels and carbon event, with more than 250 professionals from over 150 companies in attendance.

Alongside representatives from the Climate Action Reserve, PG&E, Capital Power Corp. and Argus, Arjun Patney, Vice President, Global Markets at Natural Capital Partners will be speaking on the Track 2 Carbon Markets panel at 4pm on Tuesday 22nd October, entitled Generating credits – voluntary offsets and portfolio optimization.

During the panel session, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Forestry offset projects: How are forestry offsets used in the voluntary market and what are the restrictions? Where are the projects located?
  • Portfolio optimization: How are utilities and large emitters viewing their portfolio strategy and how are they hedging under California’s evolving program?
  • Compliance obligations: How are buyers in Canada's market navigating the challenges of Canada's evolving regulatory landscape?

Visit the event website to learn more and register.

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