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Climate Cocktail Club: 2020 Elections and Climate

09 January 2020 |

California's Climate One talkshow host Greg Dalton will present on climate action now, the 2020 elections and how to get voters to care about the climate. Natural Capital Partners is pleased to be supporting this event in the Bay Area as Offset Partner.

Climate Cocktail Club: 2020 Elections and Climate

Read more about the event, which will take place from 6-8pm at Manny's, San Francisco 16th Street, and buy tickets here. Food and one free drink will be provided.

The event, Talking 2020 Elections and Climate With Climate One's Greg Dalton, will see Greg present on the topics listed below, followed by a "fireside chat” style audience Q&A.

  • Get to know Greg: His background and why he started Climate One
  • How Greg sees Climate One playing a role in the broader (local, national, international) climate discussion
  • Forecast for the 2020 election, from a climate lens:
    • How do we get people to care about climate when going to the polls?
    • California vs. the U.S
    • His thoughts on the best presidential candidate to tackle climate change
    • Carbon tax vs. cap and trade vs. Green New Deal and what Greg thinks has the most realistic chance of becoming law, based on conversations he’s had.

About Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton founded Climate One at The Commonwealth Club in 2007 after traveling to the Russian Arctic on a global warming symposium with climate scientists and journalists. Today, he and his team produce a weekly radio show that airs on public stations in California and around the country in addition to a weekly podcast. Climate One is the only regular talk show that engages high-level leaders from business, politics, advocacy and academic circles in a conversation about building sustainable economies, resilient communities and a healthier future. Past guests include science icon Jane Goodall, music legend Graham Nash, former Vice President Al Gore, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, Tea Party co-founder Debbie Dooley, Bill Nye, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Chevron CEO Dave O’Reilly, Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford, and many others.

Greg holds a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University and a bachelor’s in politics from Occidental College. Greg speaks rusty Mandarin and kitchen Cantonese.

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