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Climate Week 2017

18 September 2017 |

Managing Director of Natural Capital Partners, Jonathan Shopley, will be speaking on two panels as part of events during Climate Week 2017, which will take place 18-24 September in New York City.

Climate Week 2017

Gathering leaders of business, government and civil society, Climate Week 2017 will focus on showcasing the most innovative and impactful solutions to climate change. Natural Capital Partners will join our partners and clients in sharing the business actions that are significantly reducing carbon emissions, driving demand for renewable energy, and increasing prosperity for communities around the world.

Jonathan Shopley will speak on a panel at 10.30 on Wednesday 20th September as part of Carbon Forum North America 2017 organised by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), of which Jonathan is a board member.

Jonathan will also speak on a panel entitled "Creating New Opportunities: The Value of a Women's Empowerment Co-Benefit" at 14.00 on Wednesday 20th September, at Hilton Garden Inn, Park Avenue and 33rd St.

Women Organising for Change in Agriculture & Natural Resource Management (WOCAN) has launched the W+ Standard, which provides measurable, quantifiable women's empowerment co-benefits to certified carbon finance projects. Many of Natural Capital Partners' carbon projects empower women as a co-benefit of the carbon reduction activity, for example this rainforest conservation project in the Amazon and this improved cookstove project in Uganda. Attend this session to hear more.

To arrange a meeting with Jonathan during Climate Week, please contact him at