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COP23 UN Climate Change Conference, Bonn

06 November 2017 |

From the 6th to the 17th of November 2017, world leaders will congregate in the German city of Bonn to discuss the next steps in the global climate change agenda. Natural Capital Partners' Managing Director Jonathan Shopley, Executive Vice President of the Americas Mark LaCroix and Chief Marketing Officer Rebecca Fay, will all be in attendance.

COP23 UN Climate Change Conference, Bonn

Following the successful creation of a global climate change agreement in Paris at COP21, and its entry into force shortly before COP22, attentions now turn to COP23, in which the implementation of the Paris Agreement will be the focus. Hundreds of countries and thousands of companies around the world have made pledges to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as part of the Paris Agreement, in order to minimise the negative effects of global warming.

As the urgency to take action increases, many companies, including all of our clients, are already taking steps to address their emissions, by sourcing 100% renewable energy, becoming carbon neutral, and by investing in carbon finance projects which contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. We are looking forward to participating in discussions at Bonn, to discuss the role market-based approaches, and in particular voluntary carbon markets, will play in meeting the global climate change goals.

Please email Mark LaCroix at mlacroix@naturalcapitalpartners if you will be attending COP23 in Bonn and would like to arrange a meeting during the conference.

Register for our webinar on 29th November to hear Jonathan Shopley review the decisions made in Bonn and assesses the implications for corporate climate action: From Climate Week to COP: What Should Business Care About Beyond the Chatter?

Follow us on Twitter for live updates during the conference: @NatCap_Partners

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