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COP25 Climate Summit, Madrid 2019

02 December 2019 |

The latest global climate change meeting, COP25, starts next week and we are delighted to be there. Here’s a run down of how we’ll be involved.

COP25 Climate Summit, Madrid 2019

Please come and find our team at the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) Business Hub in Hall 8, and contact if you would like to set up a meeting.

Making Article 6 More than Zero Sum: Options for How to Use International Carbon Markets to Enhance Ambition

Tuesday 3rd December, 1 to 3pm in the WWF Pandahub Pavilion

Jonathan Shopley will present alongside representatives from WWF-US, New Climate Institute and others for an interactive panel session which will discuss some of the most impactful ways that Article 6 negotiators can write this last chapter of the Rulebook to ensure that international carbon markets are an engine for climate action and ambition.

IETA Welcome Reception and Net Zero Award Ceremony

Wednesday 4 December, 5.30 to 7.30pm, in the IETA Business Hub Lounge

Natural Capital Partners is supporting IETA’s Net Zero Award which will recognise the country showing clear leadership and ambition to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, with a compelling approach to enabling private sector finance to meet a Net Zero emission commitment.

ICROA COP25 Workshop: Increasing Voluntary Action Under the Paris Agreement

Thursday 5th December, 12 to 1.30pm in the IETA Business Hub

Join this workshop to hear the latest insights and current trends in the voluntary carbon market and debate the best initiatives to scale climate action post-2020. Jonathan Shopley will speak alongside representatives from ICROA, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace and others during this interactive session.

Forest Restoration: Climate Offset for Business

Monday 9th December, 2 to 3.30pm, IETA Business Hub Side Event Room

As a natural climate solution, trees are a proven, low-cost, effective, and scalable approach to mitigating the impacts of a changing climate. So, what are the current opportunities and barriers to restoring forest landscapes globally? How is the private sector making a business case to invest in forest restoration?

Moderated by Jeremy Manion, Lead of Forestry Carbon Markets at the Arbor Day Foundation, Jonathan Shopley will speak on a panel alongside representatives from IETA, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, Shell, Mars, Land Life and Forest Trends. The discussion will explore both market-based and non-market-based approaches to guiding investments into restoring forests.

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