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GreenBiz 19

26 February 2019 |

Natural Capital Partners is the Sustainability Partner of GreenBiz 2019, and will make the event CarbonNeutral. GreenBiz is from February 26th to 28th in Phoenix, Arizona.

GreenBiz 19

GreenBiz will be certified CarbonNeutral in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. We will supply the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets to cover 110% of the event’s emissions.

Join Saskia Feast on Wednesday 27th for a discussion on climate action and climate justice:

Time is tight for climate change, and the many commitments currently made by governments, business and civil society will not get us to 1.5°. In the meantime, communities throughout the world that rely on the land for their livelihoods are suffering from the effects of climate change firsthand – unpredictable seasons, loss of biodiversity, lack of access to clean water, and more frequent extreme weather events. What is the responsibility of business to build resilience and adaptation for all? What solutions are available? How can action and impact be delivered quickly and credibly? Join us for a discussion and to share ideas about what’s working, what the challenges are and what’s required to scale up climate action and deliver sustainable development globally.

Find out more about how GreenBiz is supporting the communities most impacted by climate change in a presentation at the Natural Capital Partners' booth on Tuesday at 1pm and Wednesday at 9.45am.

We look forward to meeting you at GreenBiz. Please contact Mark LaCroix, Saskia Feast and Melissa Vernon to arrange a meeting while you're there.

Register to attend and follow @NatCap_Partners, @SaskiaFeast and #GreenBiz19 for the latest updates.

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