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Innovate4Climate 2018

22 May 2018 |

Natural Capital Partners’ Managing Director Jonathan Shopley will be speaking as part of a high-level roundtable discussion focused on The Talanoa Dialogue on Thursday 24th May at the Innovate4Climate 2018 conference in Frankfurt, Germany. He will also present during a Gold Standard workshop on the same day.

Innovate4Climate 2018

Innovate4Climate will take place at Kap Europa in Frankfurt, 22nd – 24th May, and will gather finance, business, technology and policy leaders to drive climate investment.

Jonathan Shopley will speak at the Talanoa roundtable on Thursday 24th May, 16.00-17.00, alongside Inia Seruiratu, Climate Change Champion, Fiji, Alan Knight, ArcelorMittal, as well as participants from CDP, World Bank Group and other organisations.

The Talanoa Dialogue is a process set up by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to get a wide range of people and organisations to explore what conditions are needed to take ambitious climate action following the Paris Agreement. Talanoa means getting to the “greater good” by sharing stories to build new and better understanding with mutual respect for differing views. This dialogue will explore options for reaching greater climate ambition by asking where are we, where we need to go and how we will get there. How markets and finance can unlock greater ambition will also be discussed.

Jonathan will also present during a Gold Standard workshop on Thursday 24th May, 17.10 - 18.10.

Natural Capital Partners' clients support Gold Standard certified projects such as Malawi Efficient Stoves and Guatemala Water Filtration and Improved Cookstoves.

The overview for this workshop: There is a critical need for voluntary climate action to bridge the finance and emissions gap, but despite the proven track record of the voluntary carbon market, it faces an important risk of double counting post-2020. This open and interactive panel debate will discuss these challenges and bring forward concrete solutions to ensure that the voluntary carbon market remains an effective mechanism for incentivising and leveraging voluntary climate action in the post-Paris world. 

The conference is organised around the following four thematic streams:

The business case for climate investment
NDC Implementation
Innovation for climate resilience
Climate markets and metrics

Along with Jonathan, Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer Oliver Crouch, and Global Markets Manager Christiaan Vrolijk, will also be in attendance. Please contact them by clicking their names to arrange a meeting.

Follow @NatCap_Partners and #Innovate4Climate for the latest insights from the event.

Visit the Innovate4Climate website for more information and details of how to register.