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REC Market Meeting 2018

13 March 2018 |

The 8th edition of the REC Market Meeting will take place 13-14th March 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Natural Capital Partners' Chief Product Officer Oliver Crouch, and Global Markets Manager Christiaan Vrolijk, will join renewable energy experts, business leaders and policy makers to discuss the next steps for energy attribute systems around the world.

REC Market Meeting 2018

Energy attribute certificates (EACs) are enabling companies to reach renewable energy targets in countries across the globe. In fact, as Natural Capital Partners' Mark LaCroix recently stated, EACs are needed to validate accurate and credible claims of renewable electricity sourcing, while their tracking systems are fundamental to the development of renewable energy markets.

The REC Market Meeting will gather stakeholders who are active in developing such markets, and we are pleased to be part of the discussions alongside organisations such as Microsoft, RECS International WBCSD, IETA and CDP.

As more and more companies commit to 100% renewable energy sourcing through the RE100 initiative, developers are working hard to meet the needs of corporate consumers while establishing and expanding market standards such as I-REC, which will take the industry further. Innovation around blockchain for gas, carbon and hydropower will also be discussed, and there will be an additional focus on emerging markets such as China.

Contact Oliver or Christiaan to arrange a meeting at the event.

Follow @NatCap_Partners and @RMM2018 on Twitter for the latest updates.

To find our more about the Meeting and to register, please visit the REC Market Meeting 2018 website.

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