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Renewable Energy Markets, New York

22 October 2017 |

We are pleased to be sponsoring the Renewable Energy Markets (REM 2017) conference, which will take place in New York City, USA, 22-24 October. Listen to Mark LaCroix speak on the panel: Obstacles & Opportunities in Global Renewable Energy Procurement.

Renewable Energy Markets, New York

The voluntary market for renewable electricity is more important than ever in our post-Paris world, as companies reduce emissions from power to net zero to meet stakeholder expectations and harness business value. Natural Capital Partners and our unrivalled network of partners are working to register new solar, wind and other renewable energy powerplants to match client energy consumption around the world and meet stretching targets.

REM 2017 will bring together the key industry players driving national and international markets for renewable energy; we look forward to participating in discussions to accelerate the transition to clean power.

Natural Capital Partners' Executive Vice President, Americas, Mark LaCroix, will be speaking on the panel "Obstacles & Opportunities in Global Renewable Energy Procurement" at 1.30pm on Monday 23rd October, along with Marty Sedler, Director, Global Utilities and Infrastructure at Intel, Orrin Cook, Green-e Marketplace Manager for CRS, and others. This panel will discuss the role of corporate sourcing in accelerating renewable energy deployment and meeting renewable energy and climate goals.

To discover more about the event and reserve your place, please visit the REM 2017 website.

To arrange a meeting with Mark LaCroix at the event, please contact Mark via email.