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Climate finance webinar series

cschraeder | 01 April 2020 |

We want to connect with our clients, partners and friends on topics that are important to the work we do every day.

We rolled out a series of 30-minute webinars—or, rather, virtual conversations—on a variety of climate finance topics. No Powerpoints. No long presentations. We wanted to connect with our clients, partners and friends on the topics that are important to the work we do every day.

Listen back for virtual conversations on the subjects that are shaping climate finance. If you have a suggestion for a webinar topic you'd like us to cover, submit it here.

The calculus of climate change in a viral world: Is it time to recalibrate? - 7th April 2020

Have we underestimated the rate of change and the complexity of our world in shaping our climate response? As new and completely unpredictable variables enter the equation in the midst of COVID-19, Jonathan Shopley reflects on what experience can teach us to get ahead of the curve and radically accelerate climate action. Watch the webinar recording here.

How do you keep your audiences engaged in climate action through volatile times, or should you? -15th April 2020

COVID-19 has upended business priorities and working practices all over the world. But the need for action on climate has not gone away. How do you keep teams and other stakeholders involved, or should it be on the back-burner for now? What messages are appropriate? What are the best ways of communicating now that we’re all working very differently? Listen to Dana Jennings, Senior Project Manager Global Sustainability at LinkedIn, Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra, and Rebecca Fay, CMO at Natural Capital Partners, in a virtual conversation on climate communications through volatile times. Watch the webinar recording here.

What is climate justice and what does it mean for sustainability programmes? - 22nd April 2020

While climate change is global, its causes, impacts and opportunities to take action are spread unevenly across the world, with some communities disproportionately affected by both the impacts and the solutions. In this webinar, Jonathan Shopley and Saskia Feast discuss how our responses to the climate challenge can address issues of justice, ensuring a fairer transition to a net zero global economy. Watch the webinar recording here.

What are barriers to climate finance for natural climate solutions? - 6th May 2020

Natural climate solutions can provide over one-third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed between now and 2030. Climate finance is critical to drive investment in new and existing natural climate solutions, and we need swift action to protect and restore ecosystems. What are the barriers to driving nature-based solutions at scale and how can we overcome them? In this virtual conversation Jonathan Shopley and Justin Adams from the World Economic Forum, moderated by Rebecca Fay from Natural Capital Partners. Watch the webinar recording here.

Where CarbonNeutral® certification sits in corporate sustainability strategies - 13th May 2020

Major corporates are increasingly using CarbonNeutral certification to take clear and credible climate action. We explore what CarbonNeutral certification is, how our clients have delivered business value and climate impact through it, and how it is achieved in practice. We heard from: Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, Office of the CTO at VMware; and Brian Sylvester, Sustainability Senior Manager at Boston Consulting Group. Watch the webinar recording here.

What is a Science-Based Target? - 20th May 2020

The Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) was set up in 2015 by WWF, CDP, UN Global Compact and WRI. It helps corporates set medium-term internal emission reduction targets in line with what science tells us need to happen in different industries. What does a Science-Based Target look like? Do corporate SBTs add up to a net zero economy? What happens to a company once the target is set? What’s the relationship between an SBT and other climate actions like 100 percent renewable energy and carbon neutrality? We took a run through these and other questions you had with Josh Whitney, Executive Director, Ventures at Anthesis. Watch the webinar recording here.

How can carbon pricing work in a business? - 27th May 2020

Carbon neutrality stops “business as usual” by putting a real price on every tonne of carbon emissions into the budget. But many businesses are going further and communicating that carbon price across their business, to fund their climate programmes and to incentivise behaviour change towards low-carbon practices. This webinar surveys the landscape of carbon pricing and helps you understand how carbon neutrality can help your business set an effective price on carbon. We heard from Dan Sobrinski from WSP US, who has worked to embed carbon pricing into numerous public and private sector organisations, and Nicolette Bartlett from CDP who is one of the authors of the How-to guide to corporate internal carbon pricing. Watch the webinar recording here.

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