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Fast Company: What will it take for the 75% of businesses without climate commitments to step up?

Saskia Feast | 04 February 2020 |

Research shows that a quarter of the world’s top corporations have commitments for credible climate action by 2030, a number that’s quadrupled in the last four years. What will it take for the other three-quarters to step up?

Fast Company: What will it take for the 75% of businesses without climate commitments to step up?

Read the full story on Fast Company here.

That research found that 23% of companies have made a public commitment that by 2030 they will be carbon neutral, using 100% renewable power, or meeting a science-based internal emission reduction target. This represents a nearly four-fold increase since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

Alberto Carrillo Pineda, director of science-based targets and renewable energy at CDP, says: “The research shows that global corporates are aligning their ambition to a new paradigm by setting science-based targets, powering their businesses 100% with renewable energy, and committing to carbon neutrality. This new benchmark of corporate climate ambition sends a strong signal across the economy about the level of decarbonization that is feasible and the speed at which it can happen.”


What is "demonstrable action on climate change”? What did the research tell us about the nature of companies’ actions and commitments? There was a roughly equal split between action and commitments through carbon neutrality, 100% renewable power, and science-based targets to arrive at the 23%.

And these three approaches complement each other: Companies with a carbon neutral commitment are four times more likely to have a science-based target and six times more likely to be an RE100 signatory. Carbon neutrality is immediately implementable, meaning companies can make a meaningful difference straight away. And it puts a price on carbon to encourage the deeper operational changes to help a company work toward other climate targets such as a science-based target. Companies that have a carbon-neutral commitment are much more likely to be driving the strategic transformation of their business to a sustainable model for the future.

Read the full article by Saskia Feast, VP Western Region, Natural Capital Partners, and contact us to discuss how carbon neutrality can deliver value for your business.

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