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Podcast: How Companies Can Meet Renewable Energy and CarbonNeutral Goals

Rebecca Fay | 11 December 2018 |

More and more companies are setting bold targets such as carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy, but these goals are not just for large corporates. On this Podcast, Natural Capital Partners' VP Western Region, Saskia Feast, discusses the many possible pathways to achieving these stretching goals and how we help our clients customise climate solutions to generate value for their business.

Podcast: How Companies Can Meet Renewable Energy and CarbonNeutral Goals

Listen to the Sustainable Nation Podcast here: Saskia Feast - Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Markets.

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Saskia works with companies in the Western Region of North America to ensure they have access to the right mix of solutions to meet their climate objectives. Saskia has an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School, where she now serves as member of their Board of Directors. She also has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Liverpool University.

On this podcast, Saskia discusses how companies can select the right carbon offsets for their business and how to become CarbonNeutral. She offers advice for sustainability leaders setting bold climate targets such as 100% renewable energy and shares her favourite resources for up-to-the-minute climate action news, useful books and what she has learnt throughout her career.

The podcast is run by Josh Prigge, founder of Sustridge and former Director of Regenerative Development at our client Fetzer Vineyards. While with Fetzer Vineyards, Josh featured on our webinar: Three Businesses Share Their Journey to Becoming Carbon Neutral.

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