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Reaching the Base of the Pyramid - and cutting carbon in the process

Barbara Grady | 26 August 2015 |

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of The CarbonNeutral Company, speaks to GreenBiz about the value of carbon finance beyond emissions reductions in enabling technologies and services to reach communities at the base of the pyramid in developing countries.

Reaching the Base of the Pyramid - and cutting carbon in the process

As COP21 approaches, the concept of carbon neutrality is gaining momentum as the agreed fundamental path for post-Paris action. However, beyond emissions reductions, carbon offset purchases can deliver much wider positive impacts by stimulating economic and social development at the base of the pyramid, in developing countries where it is hard to attract capital. With an emphasis on empowerment, projects driven by carbon finance allow local communities to shape their own futures by equipping them with the necessary tools, such as technology, jobs, skills and infrastructure (among others), to create self-sustaining business operations and livelihoods.

Read the full blog here, and learn more about Base of the Pyramid business models from Jonathan Shopley at VERGE 2015.

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