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Sourcing Renewable Energy in Asia: The Options Available to Businesses

Joe Barclay | 17 May 2017 |

Asia is central to many corporate purchasers’ supply chains and is essential to the global drive towards a low carbon future. Our most recent whitepaper details the current renewable energy sourcing options available to companies with operations in the Asian region.

Sourcing Renewable Energy in Asia: The Options Available to Businesses

The success of Asia in addressing climate change will determine the success of the world in addressing climate change” - Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, just over half of all new investment in Asia Pacific power generating capacity, or $1.2 trillion, will go into new renewables over the next 10 years. At the same time, an 80% increase in energy demand is predicted by 2040 for Southeast Asia, primarily driven by industrial growth, almost all of which is projected to be met by coal and oil.

The purchase of renewables in this region will enable companies to address their Scope 2 emissions while narrowing the emissions and finance gap so critical to the Asian energy transition and to meet countries’ commitments to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.

However, Asia is a heterogeneous market when it comes to sourcing renewable electricity. Each of the countries mentioned in the whitepaper “Sourcing Renewable Energy in Asia: The Options Available to Businesses in 2017” is at a different stage of market maturity and operates under a different policy framework. In many of these countries, the infrastructure for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and grid-connected onsite renewables is not yet available. Yet, tracking instruments, which underpin these renewable energy systems, are available now.

The demand signal brought by businesses purchasing renewable energy in Asia is likely to attract further international finance and send a clear message to policymakers that renewable energy infrastructure is essential to sustainable development. Using a customised portfolio approach allows companies to meet their 100% renewable energy commitments around the world while contributing to the development of tracking systems in markets such as China, India and ASEAN.

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