Freshfields and Natural Capital Partners were recognised for their development and delivery of an innovative 10-year carbon neutral programme with a bronze award in the Best Environmental or Sustainability Programme category at last night’s Corporate Engagement Awards ceremony.

Freshfields has been carbon neutral since 2007, but in 2015, chose to make a longer-term commitment to deliver greater positive impact through its environmental programme. Working with Natural Capital Partners and an innovative community reforestation project in Kenya and Uganda, the 10-year Freshfields Reforestation in East Africa Programme (REAP) will engage approximately 8,800 smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods through tree planting. Training is provided to help farmers adopt conservation farming techniques to enhance land productivity, and to introduce alternative crops and products to improve food security and develop new income streams. In turn, the two million trees will sequester 220,000  tonnes CO2e allowing Freshfields to meet its carbon neutral target.

This carbon neutral programme forms part of Freshfields’ wider Responsible Business strategy which was launched in September 2016 to unite its global teams and initiatives, and deliver greater value and impact. Katie Henry, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Freshfields explains: "Our Responsible Business programmes always aim to create a real difference for those individuals that need them most. I am delighted that, as part of our carbon neutral programme, we are able to marry a number of our broader objectives; including access to opportunities for women, skills development, and educational access, all through our work with this innovative community reforestation project."

Freshfields’ programme is part of our Project Catalyst solution which allows clients to customise and develop projects to deliver targeted outcomes aligned with specific business interests. For more information and to discuss how a Project Catalyst approach could help meet your business goals, please contact us