Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Natural Capital Partners are offering an opportunity to companies to deliver conservation and restoration of biodiversity, water, forest carbon and soil. Watch this webinar to hear more about FSC ecosystem services.

FSC is developing new tools to strengthen incentives for responsible forest management, forest conservation and forest restoration; and to deliver greater value for forest owners and communities, as well as their buyers and supporters. 

During pilot testing of a new ecosystem services procedure, several forests used the procedure to verify the world’s first FSC ecosystem services claims, including in Indonesia, Peru and Vietnam. Read more in this recent blog and watch the webinar below to hear more about the next steps in FSC's ecosystem services work and the opportunities presented to businesses.




Photo: Mud-puddling Graphium sarpedon butterflies in Huong Son, Viet Nam
Photo credit: Thi Que Anh Vu