Natural Capital Partners has developed an innovative multi-year renewable energy solution to enable ABP Food Group to power 100% of its Irish operations with energy from wind farms in the Irish sea.

ABP Food, the largest agribusiness and the largest beef processor in Ireland, is using a Renewable Attribute Power Purchase Agreement to match its electricity consumption with wind power generated in the Irish sea, and meet its carbon reduction targets for 2020 one year early.

Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer, Oliver Crouch, commented: “We have developed a renewable energy solution that is more cost-effective and flexible than a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and still delivers enhanced communications value. Through a multi-year Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) offtake agreement, ABP Food Group is sourcing renewable electricity from local off shore wind farms. ABP Food Group is credibly meeting its renewable energy goals while supporting a technology that is driving the transition of the European grid and we are seeing increasing demand for this solution.”

Dean Holroyd, Group Technical and Sustainability Director, ABP Food Group, said: “We are delighted to have achieved this milestone in our journey towards becoming a lower carbon business. Not only are we sourcing 100% renewable energy to power our operations in Ireland, but we are significantly driving down our emissions, helping our customers to source meat produced with lower carbon emissions, and setting the bar for other agribusiness companies to follow.”


To meet bold renewable energy goals, Natural Capital Partners offers clients a full suite of Energy Attribute Certificate solutions: Green Gas Certificates for Scope 1, and for Scope 2: Guarantees of Origin in Europe, Renewable Energy Certificates in North America, and we are the leading transactor of I-RECs globally, enabling companies to meet renewable energy targets around the world.

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