Natural Capital Partners has sold more than 4 million I-RECs to its clients up to the end of 2018, making it the leading International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) transactor globally.

As a stakeholder-supported standard, Natural Capital Partners has also driven the establishment of I-REC projects in 16 countries, including Israel, the Philippines, China and Uganda, by working closely with the I-REC Standard and in-country governing bodies so that consumers in all regions of the world can have access to reliable Energy Attribute Certificates.

Through these new markets, companies such as VMWare, H&M and Sopra Steria can meet their renewable energy targets throughout their operations.

Because so many of our clients have global operations, I-RECs are a critical part of the renewable energy portfolios we create to ensure they meet their 100% renewable energy commitments,” says Oliver Crouch, Chief Product Officer at Natural Capital Partners. “In order to develop  the most appropriate solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements we are using our network of partners to expand the I-REC Standard, creating the infrastructure that is essential to guarantee that renewable energy can be reliably tracked and claimed.”

The I-REC Standard is growing rapidly to meet increasing consumer demand around the world. It is now available in more than 20 countries and, as reported in the June 2018 Market Statistics, almost 6 million I-RECs had been retired up to June 2018.