Natural Capital Partners now offers clients the opportunity to purchase Green Gas Certificates to address their Scope 1 emissions with renewable power.

Similar to renewable electricity instruments which enable companies to make 100% renewable electricity claims and report lower Scope 2 emissions, purchasing Green Gas Certificates enables companies to make 100% renewable gas claims and report lower Scope 1 emissions.

The recently established Green Gas Certificate Scheme (GGCS) enables the tracking of biomethane (“green gas”) from landfill gas and anaerobic digestion facilities that inject green gas directly into the gas grid. The GGCS registry tracks the production, sale and retirement of Green Gas Certificates and eliminates the risk of double counting. This registry infrastructure ensures the integrity of renewable gas claims being made by consumers of Green Gas Certificates.  

Oliver Crouch, Chief Product Officer at Natural Capital Partners explains: “It’s a logical progression for us to integrate Green Gas Certificates into our environmental solutions for clients. This type of certificate gives clients a flexible, rapid, highly credible option to meet their sustainability goals. Green Gas Certificates allow businesses to power their operations with 100% renewable gas, which is a goal that is increasingly being set.”  

Companies now have a cost-effective, quality solution to address their direct emissions from gas used to power their operations.

To discuss how Green Gas Certificates can support your carbon reduction goals, please contact us