The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the global standard for carbon neutral certification has been updated and the new version released today.

Updated annually, The CarbonNeutral Protocol provides a credible, transparent and practical framework for achieving CarbonNeutral® certification.  It incorporates the latest best practice for greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement, reduction activities and communication programmes in order to certify products, entities or services.  

Able to be applied to a broad range of entities, products and services, The Protocol details the carbon offset standards which can be used to achieve a net zero carbon footprint. These standards have been determined to deliver emission reductions which are real, measurable, permanent, additional, independently verified and unique. The Protocol also lists non-carbon accounting standards which have been recognised for adding measurable and independently verified value to carbon offset projects. 

First published in 2002, The CarbonNeutral Protocol is aligned with WBCSD/WRI’s GHG Protocol and the principles of PAS2050 while being suitable for compliance with emerging national standards such as the UK Guidelines on Carbon Neutrality and Australia’s National Carbon Offset Standard.  It is reviewed annually by an Advisory Forum (AF) of scientists, industry experts and two client representatives from The CarbonNeutral Company.