For many the Natural Capital Protocol will be about understanding and qualifying their impact on the USE of natural capital assets. But Natural Capital Partners worked with Anthesis and the Paradigm Project to measure the positive impact a project DELIVERS to natural capital. During this 45 minute webinar, we explore the opportunities and challenges of using the Protocol to enable the valuation and robust articulation of the natural capital benefits delivered by carbon finance projects.

The Paradigm Project delivers efficient cookstoves and other products such as water filters and solar lights to households at the base of the pyramid in Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala. The project uses finance from the sale of carbon credits to scale and grow but for Neil Bellefeuille, CEO of Paradigm, the Natural Capital Protocol enables him to place a tangible value on the benefits that are delivered beyond greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

Working with Ellen Upton at Anthesis, together they ran the pilot of the Protocol with the goal of calculating a $ value for benefits aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. The analysis was based on a range of indicators including increased biodiversity and reduced soil erosion from improved fuel consumption, and reduced indoor air pollution and health costs based on improved air quality in the home. As with every new standard, there are challenges, opportunities, and suggestions for how to optimise the Protocol’s use by any other business. 

View the webinar recording to find out more.