We are proud to be the official Carbon Offset Partner for VERGE 20, taking place 26-30 October. We are offsetting 110% of the event's carbon emissions to finance sustainable development projects around the world.*

Join our panel discussion. On Friday 30 October at 11:30 PDT, we will participate in a discussion on carbon offsetting for the Global Goals. Some offset projects come with additional positive outcomes that go beyond reducing atmospheric carbon. In this session, "Win-win: How Offsets Can Draw Down Carbon and Boost Development Goals", you’ll hear from leaders who have helped develop and drive investment in co-benefit projects. Dr. Saskia Feast, Vice President at Natural Capital Partners, will be on a panel with Hank Cauley, Acting CEO of Nature for Justice, moderated by Jim Giles, Carbon Analyst at GreenBiz Group.

Visit our Expo booth. Speak to one of our experts Monday-Friday during regular Expo hours: 9:30-10.00; 11-11.30; 12.30-13.00; 14.00-14.30.

Register for the event and check out the full program here. More than 3,000 sustainability professionals will attend VERGE 19 to explore scalable, cross-cutting solutions and to advance the most dynamic and influential markets driving a sustainable future. Content tracks include Carbon, Circular, Energy, Food, and Transport.

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*Emissions are calculated based on the average annual carbon footprint per capita in the country where each attendee is based, divided to calculate 3-days of emissions.