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Carbon Consulting Company launches to help local corporates 'go green'.

05 October 2010 |

CCC has been appointed as an approved reseller of The CarbonNeutral Company’s services, including carbon offsets and CarbonNeutral® certification. It has also developed emissions assessment capabilities that position it to effectively measure the carbon emissions produced by businesses and their products.

5th October 2010: “With Sri Lanka poised to take its place among the world’s countries, we can no longer depend on trade agreements and duty concessions to compete against countries where cheap labour is freely available and disregard for the environment is flagrant; instead we ourselves need to attract green tourists, green buyers and green investors if we are to keep abreast of fast changing global trends and regulations” said Director of the Carbon Consulting Company [CCC], Subramaniam Eassuwaran, speaking at the launch of CCC.

The aim of the CCC is to offer a complete end-to-end service for companies that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

An amalgamation of both international expertise, as well as some of the most prominent Sri Lankan minds, the Carbon Consulting Company has been formed by three dynamic young entrepreneurs, Subramaniam Eassuwaran [Deputy Chairman of Eswaran Brothers Exports ], Fazal Fausz [Managing Director of Rainco Pvt Ltd] and Azam Ameer – SAP Solution Architect and Consultant Sydney under the guidance of Nobel Laureate, Professor Mohan Munasinghe and eminent conservationist, Dr Ranil Senanayake.

In Sri Lanka for the launch was the Managing Director of The CarbonNeutral Company, Jonathan Shopley, an industry veteran with over 25 years experience working with businesses to understand and mitigate their environmental impacts. Jonathan is also the founding co-chair for the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance [ICROA], the leading membership body of organisations offering offsets and carbon management services.

“More and more businesses are realising that a credible carbon management strategy with stretching emission reduction targets is vital in today’s business environment and can deliver powerful benefits for the company such as increased revenue, competitive differentiation and reputational enhancement. The increased awareness businesses now have of the opportunities available to them is powerfully demonstrated by the 65 percent of Global 500 companies that have publically announced that they have implemented emission reduction targets through the Carbon Disclosure Project” said Jonathan Shopley speaking at the launch.

“CCC is well positioned to help Sri Lankan companies set and meet carbon reduction targets. It will be able to offer CarbonNeutral® certification which is a credible and transparent demonstration of a company’s environmental actions.”

“Companies can save upto 20% of their business costs by adopting environmentally friendly technologies that improve efficiency while reducing energy usage. By adopting carbon reduction techniques, companies could also increase their business and enter new markets by attracting like minded customers and business partners” said Director CCC, Fazal Fausz.

The Carbon Consulting Company has been created with the sole purpose of helping organisations reduce their environmental impact and maximise their CSR and marketing opportunities. We have seen many industry leaders take the first steps towards making this happen and our mission is to help these leaders develop the knowledge base and expertise required for the coming low carbon economy”.

“Think of carbon as a proxy for sustainability. We now have a price for the environment on the triple bottom line “ said Subramaniam.

The Carbon Consulting Company has also concurrently established the Conservation Carbon Company. The Conservation Carbon Company was established with the mandate to use environmental finance mechanisms to help protect some Sri Lanka’s most threatened ecosystems. Dr. Ranil Senanayaka, one of its founders, is a brilliant ecologist. With the best scientific minds and concerned businessmen joining hands, both companies intend making a difference to the environment and making a positive impact on the country.