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CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter has added a water portfolio to its offering

06 April 2016 |

For many small businesses, time and resource is flagged as a significant barrier to managing their environmental footprint and becoming more sustainable. However, customers are increasingly expecting suppliers to demonstrate their commitment and action.

To meet the needs of small businesses looking for a quick and easy to use carbon management solution to retain customers and win new business by demonstrating commitment to managing their carbon footprint, differentiate from competitors, and reduce costs by spotting opportunities for efficiencies, we are delighted to launch a new version of CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter.

The simple, online tool allows businesses to measure, reduce and offset their emissions in a cost and time-effective way.

Following a simple sign up process, the tool asks for data from maximum of six emissions sources for your business before calculating your total footprint. By choosing to support essential environmental projects that would not otherwise happen you can demonstrate the leadership of your business by offsetting your emissions and becoming certified as CarbonNeutral®. To reflect the rising number of global water issues alongside energy and food security, the latest version of CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter now includes a water stewardship portfolio in its offset offering, along with a carbon offset portfolio for forestry and renewable energy. The water stewardship portfolio offers businesses the opportunity to offset their emissions in environmental projects which deliver access to clean water for low income families and reduce the risk of water borne disease, at the same time as helping businesses to differentiate themselves and realise cost savings.

How does it work?

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