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CDP Recognises Green Gas in Reporting Guidance

07 April 2017 |

Green Gas Certificates, which track the production and consumption of biomethane, are now recognised by CDP as a credible means for businesses to address their Scope 1 emissions.

Following our recent announcement of the opportunity to purchase Green Gas Certificates, Natural Capital Partners notes that global disclosure platform CDP is now actively encouraging businesses to reduce their emissions by purchasing these certificates.

With each certificate representing a reduction in carbon emissions relative to consuming natural gas, CDP advocates for robust tracking systems to support assurance around data quality and double issuance of certificates. Natural Capital Partners, along with 29 producers of green gas, is registered with the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) which delivers that quality assurance, and it is predicted that more and more businesses will use Green Gas Certificates to report near-zero Scope 1 emissions.

While the 2015 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 Guidance laid the foundations for green gas by highlighting its comparability to electricity and suggesting the same quality accounting principles be applied, green gas, which applies to scope 1, remained outside the scope of that guidance. CDP has built on those foundations by recognising Green Gas Certificates in its recently released 2017 reporting guidance.

Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer Oliver Crouch commented: “The potential of this new product is significant. There is an estimated 20TWh gas demand from businesses in the UK that could be made much greener by purchasing these certificates. The support by CDP adds weight to this new opportunity for businesses.”

To discuss how Green Gas Certificates can support your carbon reduction goals, please contact us.