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Chief Product Officer Oliver Crouch Appointed to RECS International Board

14 March 2018 |

Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer, Oliver Crouch, has been appointed to the Board of RECS International, a non-profit organisation working to establish open renewable energy markets facilitated by commonly accepted and harmonised tracking systems.

In this new capacity, Oliver will represent the needs of corporate buyers with requirements to extend renewable energy infrastructure internationally. Oliver leads the work at Natural Capital Partners to supply renewable energy instruments to clients such as Microsoft, H&M and VMWare. He has worked closely with clients, project developers and the I-REC Standard to bring new projects online in emerging countries and has facilitated the development of more than 15 I-REC projects in countries such as Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand.

RECS International represents consumers, generators and other renewable energy market players in dialogue with national legislative bodies and policy makers to further develop and simplify standardised tracking systems. It is focused on both the Guarantee of Origin (GO) market and emerging international markets. RECS International recently released a good practice guide for sourcing renewable energy.

Commenting from the REC Market Meeting in Amsterdam, which is organised by RECS International, Oliver said: “I very much look forward to continuing our work with RECS International to advance energy attribute tracking systems in Europe and beyond. As more of our clients with global operations such as Microsoft, H&M and Elopak commit to sourcing 100% renewable energy, the establishment and ongoing management of robust, credible and transparent renewable electricity tracking systems becomes essential. I will be representing their needs for high quality energy attribute certificates in my new role on RECS International Board.”

On behalf of its clients, Natural Capital Partners sources Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in North America, Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe, Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) in the UK, and International RECs (I-RECs) across the rest of the world.

Contact us to find out how energy attribute certificates can help your business to meet renewable energy targets globally.

About Oliver

Oliver leads the Global Markets team, which is responsible for the development and delivery of products to meet our clients’ requirements for carbon, renewable energy, water and biodiversity solutions. Since beginning his career at JP Morgan, Oliver has gained over 10 years’ experience in the energy and environmental management sectors, including five years as a strategy consultant in Accenture’s global energy practice. He holds a BSc from the University of Bath, and the Rotterdam School of Management.

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