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Climate Impact Partners extends its team working with investors to scale climate impact funding

29 March 2022

London, 29 March 2022 - Lucy Carmody, the responsible investment specialist, has joined Climate Impact Partners, a merger between Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare, to lead its work with investors who are looking to deploy significant capital in the carbon markets.

Lucy has spent more than two decades working in management and business development in investment banking, investment management, ESG and sustainability in the United States, Asia and Europe. She will bring her experience working with asset managers and owners to identify investment opportunities and new structures for the allocation of capital to fund climate impact via the voluntary carbon market.

Lucy will work with a team to align investor interests with project opportunities and funding requirements. The voluntary carbon market was valued at approximately $1 billion last year* and McKinsey estimates it could grow by 15 times by 2030 and be worth more than $50 billion in order to contribute to meeting the world’s climate commitments.

“To deliver on the potential of the voluntary carbon market there is a rapidly increasing need for quality projects that reduce and remove emissions and for the capital to enable those projects to launch, to scale, and to thrive,” says Rachael Nutter, Global Director of Project Development. “Lucy’s experience working with investors will ensure we deliver the bespoke solutions that match their requirements.”

“Working with Climate Impact Partners will enable me to align my passion and commitment to making an impact on climate with my belief that capital markets can deliver the solutions and scale we need to make real change possible,“ says Lucy Carmody, Director of Business Development. “I am delighted to join a team of the most experienced professionals in this space – those that have led the development of the voluntary carbon market and are now leading the innovation that will maximise its results for even greater impact.”

Climate Impact Partners is already on track to secure $1.5 billion in funding to support new carbon reduction and removal projects from the private sector over the next five years. The company is a merger of Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare which was arranged by Averna Capital and announced last year.

*Trove Research:

About Climate Impact Partners

Climate Impact Partners delivers solutions for action on climate. We believe that carbon markets have a critical role to play in delivering action by putting a price on carbon and funding carbon reduction projects to meet our global climate goals.

Climate Impact Partners builds on the expertise, integrity, and innovation of two companies that have led the voluntary carbon market – Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare – in a merger arranged by Averna Capital. Fuelled by a relentless drive for rapid action and results, our global team continues to pioneer the market’s growth, and set the standards for quality that will maximise its impact.

Together with the world’s leading companies and quality project partners we will cut 1 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2030 to transform the global economy, improve health and livelihoods and restore a thriving planet. We do this by delivering the highest quality carbon financed projects, from which we create carbon credit and energy attribute certificate portfolios. This enables organisations to offset the emissions they can’t reduce, put a price on carbon to incentivise change, and meet their ambitious climate goals.

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