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Friends of Building Sustainability (FBS) Community goes green with The CarbonNeutral Company

31 August 2010 |

The FBS appoints The CarbonNeutral Company as its official carbon reductions provider.

31st August 2010: The recently launched Friends of Building Sustainability (FBS) community, a multi-stakeholder partnership embracing multi-sector companies, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with The CarbonNeutral Company as its official carbon reductions provider. Initiated by the Singapore private sector, the FBS aims to promote sustainable development through focusing on energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions as well as stressing the importance of preserving the “triple bottom-line” of “People-Planet-Profit”.

Since its formation in 1997, The CarbonNeutral Company has worked with over 300 major businesses and thousands of small and medium sized companies across the globe to develop offset inclusive carbon reduction programmes. It will guide organisations within the FBS Community to set credible carbon reduction targets and meet them immediately and cost effectively through offset inclusive reduction strategies.

Mr Tan Cheng Gay, Chairman and CEO of EnGro Corporation Limited, a leading specialty cement producer in Singapore said, “We are delighted to have the support of a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions as the official carbon offsetting partner of FBS. It is hoped that The CarbonNeutral Company will guide FBS members to fully account for their emissions.”

Mr Tan continues, “EnGro will also work with The CarbonNeutral Company to offer CarbonNeutral® products and solutions to its customers. As a member of the FBS Community, this is indeed an exciting time for the newly launched FBS Community and with this expertise, we look towards FBS Community being able to share with Singapore businesses of the benefits of adopting carbon offset inclusive strategies.”

The CarbonNeutral Company, Managing Director, Rani Virdee explains, “We know first-hand that voluntary action on climate change is a strategic issue for highly competitive companies within the construction sector to compete for market share, improve supply chain relations and to respond to tenders. The FBS Community is a secure platform where businesses can exchange their environmental experiences in order to help achieve the benefits from reducing direct carbon emissions. Our carbon reduction knowledge will help businesses extract immediate business value by taking direct action to the long-term challenge of climate change.”


Notes to Editors:

The triple bottomline refers to the three most important focal points of Sustainable Development (SD):
Economic - Profits
Environment - Planet
Social - People

The FBS Community aims to tackle these three key points of SD through its activities focused on energy efficient and emission reduction projects.

About EnGro Corporation Limited (“EnGro”)
EnGro has established itself as a leading specialty cement producer in Singapore. Since 2005, the Group has strengthened the supply-chain by leveraging on its GGBS joint venture production base in China coupled with its Pulau Damar Laut bulk-terminal cum logistics services undertaken by Top-Mix ready-mix concrete operations.

The extended supply chain allows EnGro to meet stringent requirement for specialty cement and high-performance concrete supply. With this integration, EnGro is able to undertake supply of voluminous quantity timely to prestigious mega projects. As the first local cement company granted the Singapore Green Label for its eco-friendly VCEM brand of GGBS products, EnGro is well-positioned to contribute to the growing green building needs of the regional construction industry.

EnGro has built 2 core businesses, namely the specialty cement and the specialty polymer. Operationally, it is driven by these 2 growth engines supplemented by evergreen venture capital (VC) investment activity in technology-driven businesses. EnGro is also now playing a role to help companies in the region achieve carbon neutrality targets by supplying cost-effective credit carbon credits which help companies and individuals offset the remainder carbon emission that they cannot do so by their own best efforts.

For more information, please refer to our corporate website

About the Friends of Building Sustainability (”FBS”) community
The Friends of Building Sustainability community is a multi-stakeholder private initiative serving various industry sectors in hope of bringing together like-minded entities who want to share and exchange up-to-date knowledge related to sustainable development and climate change whilst encouraging cross-fertilizing of innovative ideas that allow entities to enhance their “green” awareness.

The FBS community, due to its private and informal structure, hopes to forge a symbiotic working relationship with various Singapore government statutory bodies and agencies to encourage private entities implement and embed sustainable development best practices into their corporate DNA.

For more information, please refer to the FBS website