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Hirdaramani Announces First CarbonNeutral® Apparel Factory in Asia

13 February 2012 |

The Hirdaramani Group’s eco-friendly factory ‘Mihila’ has been awarded CarbonNeutral® certification making it the first Apparel Factory in Asia to achieve this distinction.

The certification is awarded by The CarbonNeutral Company, a global provider of carbon reduction solutions. Achieving CarbonNeutral® factory certification required a detailed greenhouse gas assessment from the Carbon Consulting Company, and a comprehensive programme of internal energy efficiency measures, and external carbon offsets to compensate for the remaining emissions. This announcement marks the first milestone in an ongoing process to assess and reduce the carbon footprint of the factories across the Group.

This also marks a significant achievement for the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry as it continues to build its position as a leader and flagship destination for ethical and sustainable manufacturing. With increasing consumer demand for 'green' products, sustainable manufacturing remains a growth segment and being the first country in Asia to boast a CarbonNeutral® factory adds to our competitive edge against regional providers in addition to the prestige for Sri Lanka as a nation.

"Social responsibility has always been an essential philosophy at the Hirdaramani Group and the environment has become a major part of this agenda. Working with the Carbon Consulting Company has enabled us to quantify the gains and identify the key issues and implement systems that more directly reduce each factory’s emissions," said Nikhil Hirdaramani, Director of the Hirdaramani Group.

'Mihila' which aptly translates to 'Earth', is the Hirdaramani Group's first eco friendly factory. A LEED™ Gold certified building Mihila holds the distinction of being the world's first custom built Green Apparel Factory. The factory focuses on three key areas; energy consumption, water consumption and waste management and has achieved a significant reduction in its carbon footprint. The factory incorporates several unique technologies driving lower energy consumption including a state of the art evaporative cooling system, prismatic skylights system, and a solar panel system that provides part of the factory's power needs.

"Mihila has set the standard on making sustainable manufacturing work. Many of the innovative processes and systems implemented at Mihila are now being implemented across all our factories as part of our Group wide greening process, forming a strong foundation of our goal to be a greener organization," said Mr. Arjuna Kuruppu, CEO of the Hirdaramani CKT Cluster.

The Green House Gas (GHG) assessment for 'Mihila' was carried out in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. The assessment took into account data on fuel consumption, electricity consumption and material consumption as well as direct emissions released from sources that are owned or controlled by the company, indirect emissions associated from purchased electricity and other sources including business travel, employee commuting, and third party deliveries were used to formulate the carbon footprint of the factory. Following this baseline assessment, Mihila has taken concrete steps to not only mitigate CO2 emissions but increase operational efficiency.

Evolving from a single retail store established in 1890, today the Hirdaramani Group is a diversified organization with over 30,000 employees spread across six countries and six industry segments. A pioneer in the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry, Hirdaramani has a fully integrated infrastructure encompassing 28 manufacturing facilities across Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Vietnam, product development, design, printing, embroidery, washing and packaging, making it a one-stop shop for the apparel industry. The company has also led the way in the adoption of greener technologies and processes continuing to evolve Sri Lankan industry.

Established in 1997, the CarbonNeutral Company is the issuer of the CarbonNeutral® certification (underpinned by The CarbonNeutral Protocol) and ranks among the three most recognised offset providers in the world. The Carbon Consulting Company is a CARBON FOOTPRINT EXPERT certified company, and is accredited by the CARBON TRUST, the UK Government's carbon standards body.

Hirdaramani Media Contact:
Minali de Silva
+94 777 711145

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The CarbonNeutral Company works with hundreds of organisations around the world to help them meet their carbon reduction commitments and achieve CarbonNeutral® and PAS 2060 standards for carbon neutrality. Working with The CarbonNeutral Company ensures quality of carbon offset projects, carbon footprint assessments, and commitments to internal carbon reduction.