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Jersey Pearl helps provide renewable energy to aid development of Chinese province

23 September 2010 |

British jewellery brand, Jersey Pearl has furthered its ethical credentials by supporting the development of the Longwangtan Hydro Power Project which provides clean energy to the province of Guizhon, China with the help of The CarbonNeutral Company.

This clean, renewable energy source supplies electricity to the entire southern Chinese power grid. Through vital projects such as Longwangtan, Jersey Pearl illustrate its devotion to both tackling and raising awareness of environmental issues.

As the only CarbonNeutral® pearl brand in the world Jersey Pearl offset its carbon footprint by funding high quality, verified renewable energy and resource conservation projects. The Longwangtan Hydro Power Project is a run-of-river hydro station which displaces electricity generated by fossil-fuel power plants. Additional benefits of this project include employment and economic development to the province of Guizhon.

The development of renewable energy in China brings local as well as global benefits. Most electricity in China is generated using coal, and with this comes atmospheric pollution and issues around the disposal of flying ash.

In fact pearl growing oysters are incredibly sensitive to pollution; pearl farmers therefore go to great lengths to keep the water around their pearl farms clean, this produces incredible areas of outstanding natural beauty around pearl farms.

Industry leaders have warned that, “Climate change is the greatest threat to pearl farming” - Martin Coeroli, President of CIBJO Pearl Commission.

The ethical brand works hard at monitoring where its products are sourced. It takes regular trips to pearl farms and maintain strong relationships with the families that cultivate these beautiful organic gems.