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Joining the Business Renewables Center

26 July 2016 |

As sponsors of the Business Renewables Center (BRC), we are part of a community of more than 130 members working to accelerate corporate purchasing of off-site renewable energy. The BRC was set up by the Rocky Mountain Institute and its members include Mars Inc, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft and HSBC.

With the goal of helping corporations procure 60 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030, the BRC is a member-based platform which provides tools and resources to streamline and accelerate the ability of corporates to commit to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The BRC’s corporate members have a collective annual revenue of $1.2 trillion and consume 60 terawatt-hours of electricity per year.

Accessing high quality renewable energy solutions that add value to the business can be difficult, particularly for companies at the beginning of their renewable energy journey. Through exchanging tools, market intelligence and best practice examples, the BRC community makes it easier for corporates to enter the market by sharing the lessons of the first movers.

Mark LaCroix, Executive Vice President, Americas, at Natural Capital Partners, commented: “We are working to make renewable energy business-as-usual. The BRC is a highly regarded organization that brings together businesses with a similar commitment to quality and innovation in renewable energy. We look forward to collaborating to advance the industry together.”

If you’d like to explore how high quality renewable electricity solutions can support the energy goals of your business, please take a look here on our website and do not hesitate to get in touch:

Mark LaCroix (USA) – +1 616-682-4881-

Simon Brown (Europe) - +44 2078336012 –