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KM Group becomes CarbonNeutral ® certified

12 July 2010 |

KM Group – KM Security Solutions and KM Cleaning Services - has announced it has been awarded CarbonNeutral® company certification by reducing its carbon footprint to net zero. This means that KM Group can now add real value to its clients by reducing the emissions associated with their supply chain.

To achieve CarbonNeutral® company status, KM Group worked with The CarbonNeutral Company, a world-leading provider of carbon reductions solutions, to measure and reduce its carbon footprint to net zero. All the carbon emissions produced by the company, from energy consumption, waste and business travel were quantified and then reduced to net zero through combining internal reduction initiatives with carbon credits to offset the remaining unavoidable carbon emissions. Through offsetting, every tonne of CO2 emitted by the KM Group has been matched by an equivalent amount of CO2 saved by an emission reduction project somewhere else in the world.

Leigh Bridges at KM Group comments: “As our customers are concerned about the environment and many of them have their own corporate social responsibility guidelines and targets to meet we wanted to ensure that the KM Group was the greenest it could be. KM Group is also concerned about how our working practices and product choices affect the environment so becoming CarbonNeutral® certified enabled us to measure and reduce our environmental impact.”

Rebecca Fay, Marketing Director, The CarbonNeutral Company, said “By measuring and reducing its carbon emissions the KM Group is making a strong statement to its clients and prospects that it is taking action for the environmental impact of its carbon footprint. From our experience, businesses that adopt a CarbonNeutral® position can significantly improve their competitive advantage and enhance their corporate reputation, enabling them to both reduce operational costs and increase revenues.”

The KM Group has implemented, among others, the following changes in order to reduce its wastage and carbon emissions:-

  • Reducing carbon emissions from transportation of supplies:
    • KM Cleaning Solutions has closed its warehouse that used to store cleaning supplies and now directly delivers the supplies to the customer from the manufacturer. This cuts down the number of vehicle journeys used to transport the goods, saves energy produced to run the warehouse and saves fuel used to power the forklift trucks in the warehouse.
  • Centralising operations:
    • KM Security Solutions has contracted out its 24-hour mobile patrol service. Instead of running an in-house 24-hour a day, 365 day-a-year operation, mobile patrols are now centralised and are called upon on an as-and-when basis. This saves the power that was used to run the patrol office when it wasn’t needed, staff travel emissions and fuel used by the patrol vehicles on unnecessary journeys.
  • Improving operational efficiency:
    • KM Cleaning Services deploys a ‘reach and wash’ window cleaning system that can reach up to six floors high. This means there is no need to use fuel-powered plant machinery to reach this high and the system also recycles the de-ionised water.
  • Recycling:
    • KM Cleaning Services offers Powerday ( waste removal services to all its clients. Powerday uses the latest recycling technology to recover 100% from waste at the largest materials recycling facility in Southern England.
      KM Group recycles as much waste as possible at its Rochester office.
  • Client solutions:
    • KM Cleaning Services offers all its clients the option of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Reducing emissions in its operations:
    • KM Group has deployed the use of energy efficient lighting in its Rochester office, which produces less carbon emissions than previous solutions.
    • KM Group has replaced its drinks vending machine in the office with an economical ‘one-cup’ Breville water boiling machine.


Notes to editor:

About the KM Group (
KM Cleaning Services is one of the fastest growing specialist cleaning companies in the industry. Servicing sectors such as hospitals, schools, construction sites and offices, KM Cleaning Services covers every type of cleaning job, working in many specialist areas such a one-off deep cleans, jet/pressure washing and window cleaning with specialised equipment. Despite expertly handling large contracts and complex assignments, the company also offers more day-to-day cleaning solutions, like recycling, telephone sanitising and janitorial supplies.

KM Security Solutions specialises in providing completely bespoke security solutions, working on each project on an individual basis. The company’s aim is to devise cost-effective solutions without compromising security standards.