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Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare expand team to meet continued growth in demand for quality climate solutions

15 December 2021

Natural Capital Partners merged with ClimateCare in 2021 to form a world-leading solutions provider for companies and organisations looking to meet ambitious climate goals. For more than 20 years, both companies have been at the forefront of delivering the highest quality solutions to make real change possible: reducing carbon emissions, generating renewable energy, building resilience in supply chains, conserving and restoring forests and biodiversity, and improving health and livelihoods. We are delighted to announce several new additions to our team from a variety of sectors.

Project Development:

Tim Cowman – Head of Kenya Office

Tim heads our office in Kenya, supporting the expert carbon asset development team based in Nairobi with a focus on energy across sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining our team, Tim worked with governments, international agencies, and the private sector to develop low carbon transformation plans in Africa and established the UNFCCC regional centre for eastern and southern Africa in Kampala, Uganda.

Ben Gatley – Commercial Manager

Ben works as part of our nature-based project development team as a Commercial Manager. Prior to joining our team, Ben spent over a decade in renewable energy and wholesale trading markets and specialised in bringing net-zero business models to market.

Mo Safdar – Commercial Manager

Mo has also joined our international nature-based solutions project development team as a Commercial lead. He is responsible for developing commercial propositions for projects and leading negotiations from inception through to completion. He has a background in developing physical commodity projects, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Portfolio Management:

Simon Bowen – Head of Relationship Management

Simon works within the Portfolio Management team, maintaining and nurturing long-lasting relationships with our key project partners. He has a technical background in Geology and Geophysics and, over many years managing projects throughout the world, he has dealt with governments, clients, partners, and suppliers alike.

Alejandro Rodriguez Sourcing Manager
Alejandro is based in Colombia and focuses on developing and maintaining a network of project partners throughout Latin America to offer high-quality solutions for clients. Alejandro has deep experience of carbon markets and the technical details of emission reduction project development. Throughout his career, he has created a range of partnerships with stakeholders to develop carbon projects and other environmental markets products.

Kris Wiley – Sourcing Manager, North American Projects
Formerly Corporate Carbon Portfolio Manager for The Conservation Fund, Kris brings over 15 years experience in the environmental field focusing on the voluntary carbon market, portfolio management, and project development to ensure the highest quality projects deliver the greatest impact.

Stan Nokes – Carbon Portfolio Manager

Stan builds project portfolios for clients which are tailored to their specific areas of interest across locations, co-benefits, and project types. His multi-disciplinary background in Atmospheric Chemistry and Mathematical Climate Science alongside his experience in the international development sector assessing the climate impacts of CSO projects guides his approach to building the highest-impact solutions for client programmes.

Jacob Jolley – Carbon Portfolio Analyst

Jacob actively monitors carbon market evolutions and provides regular market pricing updates and trend analysis essential to managing and further developing our carbon project portfolio. Jacob recently graduated with an MA in Economics and Finance and previously worked on climate change mitigation and adaption projects in Kenya.

Marketing and Communications:

Whitney Flanagan – Director of Global Corporate Marketing
Whitney brings over 15 years of experience in the environmental and humanitarian sectors with a strong focus on brand development, marketing, communications, and corporate relationship management. Formerly Director of Marketing and Communications for The Conservation Fund, she has led marketing efforts for working forest protection, carbon offset projects and environmental justice work in partnership with leading brands.