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Natural Capital Partners Joins Global Trillion Trees Movement

20 July 2021 |

Pledge to conserve and restore one million mangroves by 2030 advances nature-based solutions projects in China, Kenya, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Natural Capital Partners, a leading provider of carbon neutrality, net zero and climate finance solutions, today pledged to further support the power of natural climate solutions by conserving, restoring, and growing one million mangrove trees by 2030. Working with clients throughout the world, Natural Capital Partners is driving private sector finance to critical nature-based solutions projects to reduce and remove CO2 emissions.

The Million Mangroves program is dedicated to the replanting or conservation of one million mangroves across projects in China, Kenya, Mexico, and Indonesia with more locations coming onstream. Mangroves can store up to four times more carbon than a tropical rainforest but globally more than 35% have already been deforested. They act as a bridge between sea and land, not only helping draw down carbon, but also protecting coastlines from storm surges and providing important nurseries for fish, crab, and shrimp.

“We know we have to take significant action this decade to prevent the worst effects of climate change,” said Sheldon Zakreski, Vice President of Climate Finance at Natural Capital Partners. “Our pledge to restore and conserve one million mangroves is not only about trees and their essential role as a climate solution; we are also protecting biodiversity and supporting community livelihoods through solutions which have a positive impact on people and nature.”

The company joins 70 other corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations in making pledges to the US Chapter, which is led by the World Economic Forum and American Forests. With this announcement, the total number of trees pledged to the chapter is over 50 billion.

The US Chapter was created in August 2020, shortly after the Forum launched its initiative to support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration by conserving, restoring, and growing one trillion trees globally by 2030. The chapter is championing a new approach in the US to creating healthy and resilient forests. Central to this approach is a diverse community of forest champions from the public and private sectors who help facilitate knowledge exchange, surface new collaboration opportunities, and unlock the full potential needed to accelerate and scale up forest-related ambitions and actions.

“The US Chapter is thrilled to receive Natural Capital Partners’ commitment to conserve, restore and grow one million mangrove trees by 2030”, says Justin Adams, Director of Nature-Based Solutions, World Economic Forum, “It’s wonderful to see Natural Capital Partners driving private sector finance to critical nature-based solutions projects. I hope that their leadership inspires other companies to join the global movement and invest in our forests.”

Accelerating collective action, Natural Capital Partners signed The Climate Pledge in April 2021, an initiative co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism to rally businesses around the goal of becoming net-zero carbon by 2040—a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050. By doing so, Natural Capital Partners joined the Race To Zero, an initiative by the UNFCCC’s High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action.

In May 2021, Natural Capital Partners merged with ClimateCare to form a world-leading solutions provider for companies to meet ambitious climate and net zero goals.