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Natural Capital Partners updates The CarbonNeutral Protocol as top companies come on board

16 January 2020 |

Back in 2002, we were the first to provide a robust framework for credible carbon neutral achievements and we’ve continued that commitment every year. The latest annual update of The CarbonNeutral Protocol reflects industry and scientific best practice, providing businesses including Microsoft, GE Renewables and Logitech with the assurance that their carbon neutral action is clear, transparent and of the highest quality.

Last year was a breakthrough year for awareness of the need for urgent climate action. And businesses throughout the world are stepping up to deliver: becoming carbon neutral, financing high impact emission reduction projects, and supporting some of the communities and regions most impacted by climate change.

The 2020 version of The CarbonNeutral Protocol is released today, providing business with the most up-to-date best practice for their carbon neutral programmes.

Our recent research into the climate actions and commitments of the Fortune Global 500 found that carbon neutrality has emerged as a key pillar of corporate action and demonstrated its strong link with science-based targets and 100% renewable energy goals.

Jonathan Shopley, Natural Capital Partners’ Managing Director for External Affairs, commented: “The Protocol plays a vital role in the private sector response to climate change. This year, it’s taken centre stage for some of the world’s leading companies, enabling them to demonstrate their climate leadership to staff, customers, investors and other stakeholders.”

The Protocol is revised and updated annually to reflect developments in climate science, international policy, standards and business practice. This updated version of the Protocol places greater emphasis on evidence of internal emissions abatement within companies and has updates to reflect technical developments relating to the measurements of aviation and land-use emissions. An online version is available on, along with new case studies of technology giant Microsoft certifying 800,000 Xbox consoles, leading consumer electronics company Logitech, and personal care brand Bulldog.

Mark LaCroix, Executive Vice President of Client Solutions at Natural Capital Partners, commented: “With leading international companies like GE Renewables and Microsoft using The CarbonNeutral Protocol, we are seeing more and more proof that the Protocol is the top-of-class framework for companies to deliver action and impact now through carbon neutrality.”

If you would like to find out more:

Download the 2020 version of The CarbonNeutral Protocol in PDF form

Visit the new Protocol web pages

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