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Sopra Steria strengthens its commitment to conserving and providing access to clean water

06 April 2016 |

Sopra Steria, Europe's leader in digital transformation, is committed to a proactive Corporate Responsibility policy. The Group has therefore purchased 1,000 Water Benefit Certificates, representing one million litres of clean drinking water, through the Water Health India project.

Sopra Steria is one of the first companies to support the new Water Benefit Standard which has been launched by the Gold Standard to support water conservation, purification and supply projects using a results-based financing mechanism. Sopra Steria’s purchase of Water Benefit Certificates is from one of the pilot projects under this new and innovative standard. The funds generated by the projects through the sale of certificates are used to develop water supply, purification and conservation projects in areas with very limited access, such as regions of India. The certificates were acquired through the Group's collaboration with The CarbonNeutral Company and will be tracked and retired on the Markit registry to ensure they are not double-counted

This new commitment follows the action programme already launched by the Group with two organisations working for the right to access water. Sopra Steria has strengthened its environmental and humanitarian commitment through other programmes such as:

1001 Fontaines: financing a plant producing safe, clean water in Madagascar.

Sopra Steria has been partnering this international aid organisation for the past two years, providing financial support to help set up one of 18 plants producing safe, clean water in areas without supply networks. The plant financed by Sopra Steria in Madagascar should be operational by the end of 2015 and will provide about 2,000 people with drinking water.

Green Cross et Territoires: contribution to the booklet "Eau: les clés pour agir" (Water: Keys to Act) and the Pax Arctica expedition.

Sopra Steria has been supporting this international NGO since 2012. As part of its skills and financial sponsorship programme, the Group has helped to produce a booklet to raise awareness among the general public and the industrial sector of water issues including access, treatment, changes in use and technological improvements/innovations.

Sopra Steria has also supported Luc Hardy's expedition in Antarctica, Pax Arctica. In collaboration with the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), the goal was to measure the impact of climate change on the ocean by launching 11 remote sensing buoys. The expedition retraced the very perilous route taken by explorer Ernest Shackleton 100 years ago.

"Food and water are both essential to life. There are almost one billion people with no access to drinking water. We therefore decided to make conserving water and providing access to it a major focus of our Corporate Responsibility policy. This is a commitment to both the environment and communities, so we are not only sponsoring major international organisations working in the field but also undertaking internal awareness-raising programmes," explains Fabienne Mathey-Girbig, Director, Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility, Sopra Steria.

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