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Students’ Association Takes Steps To Reduce Footprint

21 October 2009 |

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Association, a not for profit organisation, has been working with Glasgow based print company, PR Print, to reduce the emissions that it produces through its printed materials.

In 2008 alone, the Association offset 5.59 tonnes of CO² with The CarbonNeutral Company and saved 55 trees by using 50% recycled paper for its publicity materials. (Source: McNaughton Paper Group). The Association’s partnership with PR Print to reduce the impact of its printed materials reflects its on-going commitment to the environment and to the ethos of the student body at Strathclyde.

The Association was awarded CarbonNeutral® publication status following the measurement of the CO2 emissions produced by its printed materials and reduction of these to net zero. To get to net zero, the Association combined internal reductions, such as using paper with lower carbon emissions, and external reductions, i.e. carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting means that for every one tonne of CO2 the materials produced within the print process, the Association pays for an equivalent amount of CO2 to be saved by an emission reduction project somewhere else in the world.

Philip Whyte, President of Strathclyde Students’ Association added, “PR Print offered the perfect solution to reducing our carbon footprint, at no extra cost and with no compromise on quality. Like many organisations, we are increasingly aware of our responsibility in relation to environmental issues. PR Print’s Environmental Reduction Programme made it very simple for us to make a positive impact.”

Phil Brady , Director of PR Print, commented, “The team of staff and the Student Executive at the Union have been enthusiastic and pro-active in this on-going carbon reduction project and as the above statistics for 2008 reveal, their efforts have been rewarded. This is an excellent example of a forward thinking organisation recognising its need to improve environmental performance.”


Notes to Editor

If you require further details about any information contained in this press release, please contact Christine Cuthbertson, PR Print on 07771 935 822 or Julie Grant, USSA on 0141 567 5066.