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Suraj Vanniarachchy joins Natural Capital Partners

02 July 2020 |

Suraj Vanniarachchy, specialist in nature-based project development, establishing blue carbon projects and mangrove restoration, has joined Natural Capital Partners as part of its Global Markets team.

Suraj has led the development of Myanmar’s 1st blue carbon project registered and verified to the Verified Carbon Standard and the development of a 2,265-hectare mangrove project in the Ayeyarwady region of the country. In addition, he has run feasibility studies on the development of a seagrass meadow conservation project and led the development of VCS forestry projects in Sri Lanka, Laos, Ethiopia, Thailand and Oman. Suraj is a member of Verra's Blue Carbon Working Group and the GHG Management Institute.

Suraj will bring his immense experience of nature-based solutions, understanding local capacity and requirements, working with indigenous communities and managing the processes to ensure the highest quality monitoring and verification, to Natural Capital Partners’ expanding portfolio of natural climate solutions.

“We’re currently working on a lot of exciting new projects covering mangrove restoration, native reforestation and forest conservation all over the world. Each programme has its own unique requirements to ensure it fits the local conditions and delivers a thriving and sustainable natural climate solution. We are delighted to have Suraj’s experience on the team to lead this work,” says Oliver Crouch, Chief Product Officer at Natural Capital Partners.

Natural Capital Partners’ Million Mangroves programme is currently working with projects based in Kenya, Mexico and Indonesia to restore valuable mangrove systems in coastal areas. In addition to a portfolio of forest and grassland conservation projects throughout the world, the company has also developed projects in Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands to reforest degraded areas and improve biodiversity, flood prevention and carbon removals.