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The CarbonNeutral Company Revises Global Standard for CarbonNeutral® certification

25 March 2010 |

The CarbonNeutral Protocol reintroduced as leading guidelines for businesses to meet demand for taking action on reducing carbon emissions and differentiating products and services

London, March 25th 2010: The CarbonNeutral Protocol released today by the The CarbonNeutral Company enables forward-thinking businesses to achieve CarbonNeutral® status as a means to present credible climate credentials to customers, prospects and stakeholders who are increasingly demanding low-carbon brands, products and services. The Protocol is designed as an offset-inclusive global standard that presents a cost-effective and immediate way for businesses to demonstrate leadership and differentiation from less environmentally responsible brands.

Despite the uncertain future of binding global and domestic regulations to address greenhouse gas emissions, businesses continue to make it a priority to independently address their role in the low-carbon economy. The CarbonNeutral Protocol specifically addresses the demand for a reliable, practical and business focused solution for measuring and reducing carbon emissions and the requirement for a credible certification to demonstrate carbon neutrality.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol is reintroduced at a time when the current atmosphere of legislative, economic and environmental uncertainty, means businesses are demanding clear guidelines and assistance. This streamlined framework has been enhanced to include the latest best practice on how businesses should measure and address their carbon footprints. The Protocol allows businesses to make carbon neutral claims that are robust and credible and stand up to the transparency demanded by the public and business community. The CarbonNeutral Protocol is additionally designed as a platform for businesses to begin compliance with specific regional or industry specific requirements for tracking greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 1997, The CarbonNeutral Company has worked with global businesses to pioneer the development of standards and processes to ensure carbon reduction programs have credibility and authority. Since The Protocol was first introduced in Europe, The CarbonNeutral Company has reviewed and updated it with expert advice from scientists, industry practitioners and key business professionals from organisations committed to taking effective action on climate change.

“Despite the lack of clear regulatory guidelines on how businesses should address their greenhouse gas emissions, the business community still needs to answer consumer and stakeholder demand for strong environmental credentials,” said Neil Braun, Chief Executive Officer, The CarbonNeutral Company. “The CarbonNeutral Protocol provides a well vetted and transparent way for a company to demonstrate and benefit from a strong statement on carbon reductions.”

Hundreds of organisations from 32 countries have followed The CarbonNeutral Protocol to measure and reduce their emissions, achieving CarbonNeutral® certification. The streamlined Protocol being reintroduced to businesses provides a globally-recognised and proven platform for companies to implement emissions management programs.

Professor John Murlis, PhD DIC FRES FRMS, Honorary Visiting Professor, Environmental Policy - University College of London, and Chairman of The CarbonNeutral Company’s Independent Advisory Group said, “Businesses taking action to reduce their emissions need to be sure that their programs will deliver the carbon reductions they expect. The CarbonNeutral Protocol will give them this confidence: its aim is to ensure that CarbonNeutral® certifications are real, verifiable and trusted.”

Executives from The CarbonNeutral Company are available to explain how The CarbonNeutral Protocol can benefit businesses and industries. Detailed information can be found at