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Three Squares Inc. Combines the New Green Event Standard ISO 20121 with CarbonNeutral Event

24 January 2013 |

Three Squares Inc. Combines the New Green Event Standard ISO 20121 with CarbonNeutral Events

The environmental consulting firm Three Squares Inc. (TSI) is proud to announce its partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company – a world-leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. The environmental leaders have joined together to offer complete sustainability strategies for the events and meetings industry covering all spheres of operations – from venue selection and procurement to carbon footprint analysis and carbon offset programs.

Three Squares Inc. specializes in designing custom sustainability strategies for special events and corporate clients. These strategies focus on reducing the environmental impact while yielding cost savings through efficiency measures. While managing and implementing the reduction efforts, TSI works closely with The CarbonNeutral Company to select high quality, verified carbon offset projects so that the event can be awarded CarbonNeutral® certification.

Since its release in 2012, the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System has been applied to the London 2012 Olympics and the events industry across the globe has responded with interest and intrigue. Three Squares Inc. was one of the first event planners to successfully implement ISO 20121 compliance for several conferences and events including the Women In Green Forum, the premier conference highlighting women’s impact on the environmental industry. Part of demonstrating compliance with the ISO 20121 standard is conducting a carbon footprint report and the corresponding purchase of carbon offsets to neutralize event emissions. The Women In Green Forum selected carbon offsets from The CarbonNeutral Company and chose to support the Rio Ceramics Biomass carbon offset project in Brazil. The project, in addition to reducing carbon emissions through the use of biomass to fuel kilns and make ceramic tiles, provides employment to local women and works closely with NGOs and schools to provide support to the local communities.

“The CarbonNeutral Company stands out as a leader in quality and transparency within the carbon offset field,” said Three Squares Inc. President Jaime Nack. “The CarbonNeutral Protocol, used by clients in 40 countries and the global standard for carbon neutral certification, guarantees the quality and credibility of carbon neutral claims. Combined with its knowledge and experience in procuring high quality carbon offsets since 1997 and its impressive client list; this ensures we are working with a partner who will deliver programs that meet the high standards of our clients.”

The joining of The CarbonNeutral Company and Three Squares Inc. will mark the beginning of a powerhouse partnership within the environmental industry. With years of experience utilizing recycling systems, eco-friendly signage, energy efficiency, and clean transportation incentives, TSI has become a globally recognized leader in green event production, working on events as large in size and scope as the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions. Working together the two businesses are able to establish unprecedented standards of environmental stewardship within the event production industry.