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UK Woodland Carbon Projects Reach Validation Milestone

04 December 2017 |

The Woodland Carbon Code was established in 2011 to standardise and verify UK afforestation projects in which trees are planted to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. The number of projects passing the first milestone of validation now number 150, and of these, five have passed the year five verification check, with more in the pipeline.

Organisations such as Dignity Funerals purchase carbon credits from Woodland Carbon Code projects in the UK to report lower carbon emissions for their operations, while investing in the conservation of biodiverse forest areas across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

In total, more than 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be sequestered in these 150 verified projects, which cover 5 thousand hectares. This is set to increase, with many already-registered projects due to be verified in the near future.

“This verification milestone reinforces the credibility of the Woodland Carbon Code as a robust standard and its rapid growth demonstrates a scalable market that supports the delivery of the UK's sustainability targets. It is already serving as a benchmark for international afforestation activity, with Microsoft mirroring the Woodland Carbon Code principles with a native woodlands programme in Ireland. With an increasing range of projects available, it is a great time for businesses seeking to support UK focused climate action,” commented Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer, Oliver Crouch.

The Woodland Carbon Code is a voluntary standard, administered by the Forestry Commission, which delivers independently verified forest creation projects with quantified social and environmental benefits. Companies investing in Woodland Carbon Code certified forest creation can report reduced greenhouse gas emissions and can contribute to the growth and sustainable management of valued woodlands.

As an example, Natural Capital Partners works with Dignity Funerals to offer people the opportunity to support forest creation in the Lake District when planning their funeral in advance as part of the company’s Natural Funeral Plan Range. This project in the Lake District has been the catalyst for a deeper collaboration with the National Parks, where we are working to bring more impactful woodland projects to the nations most valued public spaces.

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