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Voted Best Offset Retailer for a Record Eighth Consecutive Year

04 September 2018 |

Natural Capital Partners has been voted Best Offset Retailer for the eighth consecutive year and the Best Advisory Service/Consultancy for the second consecutive year by its partners and industry peers.

The awards recognise the company once again for its commitment to helping corporations from all over the world meet their emission reduction goals, building long term partnerships with emission reduction projects on six continents, and driving innovation in the development of quality climate solutions that make a critical contribution to low carbon sustainable development.

We are delighted to have once again received these accolades,” said Stephen Killeen, CEO of Natural Capital Partners. “We are gratified by the trust placed in us by more than 300 corporate clients to help them achieve their emission reduction goals, renewable energy targets and sustainability plans. We are also very grateful for the collaboration of our project partners. Through their innovation and expertise, we are able to deliver the solutions which are critical to low carbon sustainable development,” he continued.

In addition to working with its corporate clients and project partners, Natural Capital Partners has been playing a key role within its industry to define how voluntary carbon markets will evolve and function post-2020. It has also been a leading driver in Talanoa Dialogues for businesses around the world to consider their role in achieving net zero emissions, contributing to the United Nation’s effort to increase climate ambition.

Natural Capital Partners works with more than 300 clients, delivering solutions for renewable energy, carbon emissions, water, biodiversity and low carbon sustainable development. Over the last 21 years Natural Capital Partners has worked with more than 370 projects around the world, delivering verified emission reductions in addition to conserving biodiversity and working with households and communities to improve health and livelihoods. It has also contracted more than 10 million MWh of energy attribute certificates (EACs) from 36 countries on six continents, in addition to partnering with clients to set up new EAC supply in countries where there is currently none available.

To discover how we can support your business to support sustainable development through carbon finance, or to source renewable energy in locations around the world, please contact us.