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XLN Telecom Achieves CarbonNeutral® Status

18 December 2009 |

XLN Telecom, the UK’s leading telecoms company serving the small business community, is pleased to announce it has achieved CarbonNeutral® company status.

XLN is now neutralising the unavoidable greenhouse gases emitted from heating, lighting, commuting, waste and the paper it uses through offsetting its emissions in verified carbon offset projects. The first offset project XLN has selected is a wind farm in Govindapurum, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, which enables the installation of wind turbine generators to aid sustainable development and help avoid CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power stations.

To achieve net zero status XLN has been working with The CarbonNeutral Company, one of the world’s leading carbon offset and carbon management businesses with over ten years experience providing carbon reduction solutions to businesses of all sizes.

As part of its ongoing environmental initiative, XLN Telecom has formed an in-house Green Team that will push forward employee led action plans and progress the company’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the company is encouraging its customers to join its green initiatives by opting for e-bills over paper bills. To put this into context, generating paper bills for 125,000 customers would produce almost four tonnes of greenhouse gases every year compared to e-bills which are almost zero (source: The CarbonNeutral Company).

Christian Nellemann, Group CEO of XLN Telecom, commented: “We all need to take responsibility for reducing carbon emissions, both at a company and an individual level. We’re delighted to be amongst the first to achieve CarbonNeutral® company certification in our sector. The response from our customers has likewise been fantastic – those opting for e-billing has risen tenfold in the last three months.”

Rebecca Fay, Marketing Director of The CarbonNeutral Company, said, “We would like to congratulate XLN Telecom in achieving CarbonNeutral® company certification. Not only will this accreditation encourage staff members to try and reduce more CO2 emissions but it will help XLN differentiate itself from its competitors and increase its customer base.”

For more information and its environmental initiatives, please visit


About XLN
XLN is committed to providing the lowest cost telecom services and highest customer service levels to the UK’s small business community. Founded in 2002, XLN is now the UK’s largest independent provider of telecom services to small businesses in Britain having over 110,000 business customers across the country. In 2007, XLN was ranked as the highest placed telco company in the The Sunday Times Tech Track and was listed for a second consecutive year in 2008. In 2009, the company was a finalist in the Customer Focus Award category of the National Business Awards. XLN’s founders are Christian Nellemann and Anthony Karibian. In 2006 Christian Nellemann was a winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Technology and Communication.