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Ankara Landfill Gas to Energy, Turkey

Utilising landfill gas as renewable energy source to meet the power needs of a growing population

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Project overview

  • Region: Europe

  • Project type: Resource recovery

  • Standards: Gold Standard

This Gold Standard project involves the capture and combustion of landfill gas at a landfill site in Ankara, to supply clean electricity to the local grid. Prior to the project, municipal solid waste was received at the site from 3.6 million inhabitants in Ankara, the Turkish capital, and the uncovered landfill allowed methane gas to vent directly into the atmosphere. An innovative, first of its kind application in Turkey, the project not only collects methane, but is aiming to be a ‘zero waste’ site by diverting fresh waste into a bio digester to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Ankara Landfill Gas to Energy, Turkey

Additional benefits

  • A new drainage and collection system has improved local water quality by protecting the nearby Imrahor Creek from the discharge of leachate.
  • The project has created more than 200 employment and training opportunities.
  • 4,500 trees have been planted on-site and a greenhouse has been constructed, using excess heat created by the biodigester for warmth.
  • The project has introduced a sorting and recycling facility and a public awareness campaign around waste management and recycling.

Carbon finance is an important mechanism to overcome financial barriers of renewable energy investment, supporting Turkey’s transformation to a low carbon economy.