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Guarantees of Origin (GO): Bessakerfjellet Wind Farm

Using wind power to generate clean, renewable energy to power 49,000 homes and generate 175,000 GOs each year

Project overview

  • Region: Europe

  • Project type: Renewable energy

  • Standards: GO - EECS

Bessakerfjellet wind farm is located on the coast of the Fosen Peninsular in Sør-Trøndelag county. With 23 turbines, it is the second largest wind farm in Norway with a total capacity of 57.5 MW, generating 175 GWh of renewable energy each year. This is one example of the many power plants from which EECS Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are issued across Europe. These certificates can be purchased by corporates looking to address Scope 2 emissions with a 100% renewable energy claim.

Guarantees of Origin (GO): Bessakerfjellet Wind Farm

Additional benefits

  • New roads built during the construction of the wind farm have made the area more accessible, and as such, it has become a popular recreation area for both locals and tourists.
  • The municipality has built a small tourist centre for visitors to observe the turbines and learn about the construction of the wind farm.
  • This power plant has been awarded the EKOenergy label. This means that for every GO purchased from this power plant, a portion of money is allocated to the EKOenergy fund to finance new renewable energy projects and river restoration initiatives around existing power plants.