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Improved Cookstoves, Bangladesh

Increasing fuel efficiency and reducing indoor air pollution using improved cookstoves

Project overview

  • Region: Asia

  • Project type: Household devices

  • Standards: CDM

In Bangladesh, more than 90% of the population rely on burning biomass in traditional stoves for their daily cooking needs, resulting in families being exposed to harmful indoor air pollution. This project aims to install improved “Bondhu Chulha” cookstoves in 40,000 households across 2,000 villages in four, predominantly rural, upazilas (districts). With simple design enhancements, these locally made and culturally appropriate stoves burn biomass fuel more efficiently, delivering up to 50% increase in fuel efficiency and 80% smoke reduction. A reduction in fuelwood requirement allows women to spend less time collecting wood, and household expenditure and health is improved.

Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to delivering emissions reductions to take climate action (SDG 13), the project delivers a number of other benefits including:

  • No Poverty/Affordable and Clean Energy: Savings on fuel are estimated at £40-£100 per year, a significant proportion of national average income at approximately £500 per year. Carbon finance is used to subsidise sales and support delayed payment terms.
  • Gender Equality: Households are expected to save one to two hours each day on fuelwood collection and daily cooking time is expected to be up to two hours shorter.
  • Good Health and Well-Being: More than 32,000 children and 14,000  adults in Bangladesh die each year as a direct result of indoor air pollution. Improved stoves deliver a significant smoke reduction and include a chimney to divert residual emissions. 
  • Quality Education: The project is training people about the importance of all of these SDGs, about how to cook with more efficient stoves, as well as business development opportunities.

Carbon finance is used to subsidise sales and support delayed payment terms.

Only 18% of Bangladeshis have access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking

World Bank, 2018, Bangladesh: Healthier Homes through Improved Cookstoves