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India Solar Water Heating

Using solar technology to meet the energy needs of a growing population while promoting low carbon development

Project overview

  • Region: Asia

  • Project type: Household devices, Renewable energy

  • Standards: CDM, Gold Standard

Solar water heaters (SWH) provide households, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and institutions with an in-house hot water supply fueled by renewable energy rather than carbon intensive grid electricity.  The project is primarily focused on serving urban areas throughout the country, and manufactures, distributes, installs and maintains solar water heaters for a variety of residential, commercial and community buildings. Distribution is primarily through private entrepreneurs or larger entities that act as solar water heater dealers and franchise sub-dealers. 

Sustainable Impacts
  • Economic growth
  • Energy access
  • Financial security
  • Infrastructure development
  • Job creation
  • Energy access: By displacing grid electricity, solar water heating units help reduce peak load demand and the associated blackouts from a shortage of grid supply. Solar water heaters allow for on-demand access to hot water even when there are power cuts, making the technology more reliable than the conventional use of electric systems.
  • Financial security: By replacing grid-dependent electric units with a 200 litre per day capacity solar water heater, it is estimated that the typical household can save on average about EUR 120 per year.
  • Job creation: All the solar products are manufactured domestically in a factory in Bangalore offering employment opportunities for local residents.
  • Infrastructure development: The project is facilitating the installation of new energy infrastructure within the country, including the required supporting structures and piping to enable the technology to scale. 

50% of sales are currently around Bangalore, but the project is distributing solar water heaters throughout the country.

Given that 20-30% of electricity in India is used to heat water, solar water heaters represent a significant cost saving opportunity.

The project developer conducts awareness programmes in schools and general public exhibitions to help increase uptake of its solar products.

We use the hot water to cook the cocoon so the silky thread can be extracted. By using a solar water heater, we have reduced fuelwood use by 50%

Basheer Khan, silk factory owner